Thursday, 21 July 2011

How to Save Your Relationship - Real Things You Can Do

Relationships are terribly complicated and fragile. One minute everything is going fine and the next minute everything is falling apart. If you are wondering how to save your relationship then there is some good news. Most relationships that are based on real love can be saved and most marriages can too. By following a few simple steps you will begin to see a big change in your relationship.
First of all, find out what is causing the problem in your relationship. This might take some serious thought. Sometimes it is something very simple that can be fixed quickly such as paying more attention to your partner. At other times it can be something a bit more complicated such as someone's feelings being deeply hurt over a long period of time or trust that has been broken. These situations will take longer to turn around and involve a lot more effort. What ever the problem is, figure it out and then begin to do whatever it takes to change it.
Next, don't try to control the other person. Allow them to be who they are. No one wants to be your idea of what they should be. Many people try to control how their partners act, think and even how they feel. Trying to control someone will usually just send them further away. If you are trying to save your relationship this is one thing you don't want to do.

Another thing you can do is to remember to be patient. Great relationships don't just happen and they are not built overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a great relationship. Decide that you are in this for the long haul. If your relationship is worth saving, then it is worth putting forth the effort.
Be willing to apologize and admit your mistakes. This is a tough one for most people because we all have the tendency to want to be right all the time. It can be tough to admit you have made a mistake but doing so will help your relationship immensely. When you fail to apologize it can cause feelings of deep hurt that can last a long time and really damage your connection. Apologize anyway, even if you were right. Apologize for getting angry or for not understanding. You don't have to win every battle. The most important thing is to save your relationship. Right? This will send the signal to your mate that you care more about them than about being right.
Lastly, keep talking to each other, even when you're angry with each other. When couples stop talking to each other nothing gets accomplished and things do not get better. And be sure to listen too. Doing this will send the message to your mate that you love them and that you are not willing to let anger or anything else come between you.
If you are asking "how to save your relationship," following these steps will go a long way in building the kind of relationship you desire.
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