Sunday, 24 July 2011

Self-Respect, Self-Esteem, and Pride Equates to Dignity

Dignity has to mean something different for an infant, or a child, or an adult.
Every human of every age; including males and females, have the God given right to insist that they be treated with due respect.
However, they must earn this respect. This begins with the individual. We must have self-respect. If we don't respect ourselves, how can we expect others to respect us. When we have a sense of pride in ourselves we have self-respect.
This is especially true as it pertains to all teens and young adults. Unfortunately statistics and events clearly show that far too many teens and young adults allow or encourage their actions to to be inappropriate and unsuitable. This is not self-respect. This is undignified.
It's so important for every boy and girl to have pride, confidence, and self-esteem. Then they will take care of themselves and never harm or take advantage of another person.
No one is born with pride, confidence, or self-esteem. This is learned and it is fostered with discipline and proper discipline begins in very early child hood. Discipline with dignity teaches responsible thinking, cooperation, and mutual respect. Inappropriate and unsuitable actions by young people and adults is a positive sign of personal discipline failure as well as failure in the family and society.
Every child must learn and believe that all actions bring consequences. Parents and children need to understand that discipline is different from punishment. Discipline should build a child's self-esteem and qualify them to be confident, make good decision, and take responsibility for their actions in life. Discipline, when practiced in a controlled, calm, and loving manner, teaches children self control, self respect, respect for others, and what behavior is acceptable. Discipline doesn't include using fear tactics as found in punishment.
There is no excuse for teens and young adults to ever act cheap and hurt others. Any boy that pressures or forces a girl to have sex is a bum. Today unprotected sex can be deadly. Any boy that endangers a girl with unprotected sex deserves to have his penis removed.
Any girl that allows herself to get pregnant with the cruel, hurtful, spiteful, mean intention of hooking a boy or getting money and support for herself or child is an empty, cold-blooded slut.
These types of boys and girls have no dignity, self respect, pride, self-esteem or confidence. They are basically living trash in the society like the criminals that hook schoolchildren on heroin, peddle sex slaves, the serial killers, and terrorists.
Every day life is not always easy and rosy and many factors make it likely that it will get worse each year. Teens need to be taught and believe that they have zero obligation in life to ever help, aid, or associate with any useless and lazy individual no matter how handsome or beautiful the person is.
Have self-confidence and pride and demand that every friend or associate meets your standards. The world is heavily populated and there is no shortage of males or females for acquaintances or friends. Always be choosy, picky, fussy, and overparticular. You will not change anyone. Never waste time on promises like, "I'll change if you will just give me a chance." If the person had any pride or dignity he or she would not need to change. This isn't egotism, it's pure common sense.
Never one time tolerate any abuse in any form; physical or mental. Clearly advertise your feeling and what you want and what you don't want; what you'll accept and what you won't tolerate. Never lower your standards one time no matter how much your heart tries to persuade your brain. It's never worth it. Always be hard on your self and in control of your life and never be desperate.
If you feel you have problems meeting a worthwhile person, you are likely wasting your beautiful youth associating with the wrong useless crowds and groups. "Birds of a feather flock together." Don't waste time hanging out in a loud cheap bar or dance hall filled with drunks and stinky unwashed individuals if you want to meet persons who more likely are refined, quiet, and enjoy the nicer things in life.
Be brave. At least try something different. Go alone or find a friend with similar desires and visit a nice hotel for a drink or dance. If you have any thing to offer it will show and you will be surprised how many people are searching for someone just like you. You are not alone in this big world, you are just restricting your self with the wrong useless crowds. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Go Fishing!
I feel Christians have a responsibility to help all humans on earth. I enjoy addressing controversial areas that aid in this goal. I'm a male over fifty, retired Army, married, living in Stuttgart, German with my family. My son is an American and a commercial pilot with German airline. My completed manuscripts are in need of an agent and publishing. These manuscripts are: "Effective Sex Ed, The New Millennium's Answer to Earth's Cry for Help"; "The Lady is a Killer" (about a female serial killer); "Vietnam Memories Fond" (the lighter side of the war); "The Logical Alternative to Sexual Intercourse"; "Survival...Life 101" (advice for teens); "A Psychopath Smiles, The Devil Grins, Another Girl Vanishes" (the Mafia's international sex slave trade); "Quietly Making a Difference" (review of a 28 year military career); and "Adventures of Ron Huckleberry" (a youth's daily adventures). I'm a member of Faith Writers, my blog is: "Tips for a Happy, Healthy Life" (Teen Sex Ed Tips),

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