Thursday, 21 July 2011

Divorced Women and Love At First Sight!

As a divorced woman, you do not have much trust in love just now. It is understandable for you to feel that way; after all, your heart is just broken or at least bruised, therefore love is not what you believe in.
It is natural that you do not believe in love any more or at least for the present. However, you do not know what will happen in the future. Love will come when it comes, not when you want or do not want it to.
How many times you have heard people saying that when they kept searching for love, they could not find it, and then when they did not expect to find love, it just came knocking on their door.
Many people do not believe in love at first sight; they believe that for love to happen, you need to spend time with each other, learn more about each other, find out if you are compatible, if you can live with each other harmoniously (this one was not allowed in the old days), and it is very important, if you are sexually satisfied with each other ( this one too was not allowed), etc... They have some good points there; and their belief has been proven correctly many times. However, no one knows for sure if you fall in love with each other because you have all of those things, or you just fall in love.
And in many cases, people have all of those things and more but are not in love with each other; or if they believed they were, they got married, and down the road of married life, they say they are not in love with each other any more, hence comes divorce; when the truth is they have never been in love with each other.
Or you see that many people are wrong for each other, fell in love when they first met (love at first sight), got married, and will stay with each other until the end of their days. In these instances, people say opposites attract or there is chemistry between these people.
They say that because they cannot explain why these instances happened. The truth is love does not require any qualifications, does not restrict to any condition; in a word love is not discriminated whatsoever. When it is true love you have for each other, the rest does not matter; you will do anything in your power to make the other happy and ultimately, both parties will be happy.
Divorced or not, you should always open your heart, so when love comes your way, you are ready to receive and reciprocate. Your being hurt once or more does not mean you will be hurt again; and as I have said many times, you will use your experiences to choose prudently and then treat lovingly and respectfully, regardless of you falling in love at first sight or not.
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