Thursday, 21 July 2011

How to Rebuild the Trust and Make a Relationship Work

You know there are no magic wands or secret spells to put your failing relationship back together again, there are a few real and practical solutions - trust, love, and respect.
Should just one of these be removed and your relationship is destined to crumble and may be doomed forever. If you relationship is a little rocky right now, there are a few rescue techniques that have been known to pull things back to where they once were. many couples fail to realize the importance of romance - you remember those incredible butterfly-moments, feelings of excitement that occur when you hear his voice, and you know you are falling in love, finally. Unfortunately, these times pass when the relationship settles into a more routine, boring lifestyle. That old excitement has fallen away - as it always does - it's the nature of relationships.
Nothing would ever get done if the pandemonium and rush of new love didn't settle down so life could get on with itself! Following are a few ways to help nurture the type of love you want - lasting, warm, and just yours.
Be honest. Embody those qualities that made your relationship work - compassion, loyalty, understanding, forgiveness, and trust. Never forget that you are both humans who are prone to making mistakes.
Open Up. Start talking to each other, show that your care and concern is positive and discuss those problems or issues before they get totally away from you. Unsolved issues, if kept inside always show up later in worse ways, causing resentment, anger and frustration.
No person is perfect! Accept those imperfections, embrace your own and work at overcoming the adversity of the human condition, being vulnerable and fragile at times. By seeing each other as mere humans with failings and accepting them will help build faith and trust back into the relationship, into each other.
Take a break! Get away from each other for a time, long separations rarely solve problems, but putting some space between can't hurt. If you haven't been able to talk openly lately, don't talk about things - step back and reflect on what the real problem is, work it out for yourself and put it away. Journaling can help with this stage of affairs. Leaving things alone for awhile doesn't mean they are gone, you are not weak, and clearing your mind can be a wonderful thing.
There is nothing wrong with being practical and rational when you are dealing with the most important relationship you have, your love relationship. Live your life to the best of your ability, be thankful that you can be there for each other and know that when you are both happy together things just flow smoothly and you can get back the fun.
Working on your relationship doesn't have to be hard if it's fun and there's laughter to help it along.
Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That's why it's a comfort to go hand in hand. ~ Emily Kimbrough
Darlene Peltz is an expert in relationships - how they work or don't, how they can be helped to work better...she has extensive knowledge about life, in general. For more information about Everything Relationships visit her blog
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