Thursday, 21 July 2011

Why Is Love Always Complicated?

Most people who experience love can attest how painful and complicated it can be. Loving someone is about taking risks. It's like a roller coaster ride. It's a never-ending cycle of hurt and happiness. But why do we still love even though we already know the consequences of loving? Because loving gives us emotional fulfillment no matter how painful or heartbreaking the experience must have been. It gives us a sense that our lives are complete. Without it, we feel so alone and life becomes meaningless and not worth living for. It makes us believe that love conquers all.

So what is love really? It is a wonderful feeling that makes us go insane. It makes everything around us different. It makes our life colorful. It makes us appreciate things more. It makes us feel excited all the time and looks forward for tomorrow. It gives us a sense of fulfillment of being loved. It is a universal feeling that is unexplainable. It is a feeling that cannot be defined in a few words. It is an emotion that only love itself knows. It is a feeling that can be expressed to everyone in different ways. It is something we feel that occurs unexpectedly.

If it can be this wonderful then what makes it so complicated then? It is complicated because we make it that way. It is us that make it complicated when we love and the situation does not meet our expectations and it comes out in a negative way.

When we love, we tend to be selfish and want all the attentions focus to us. We always desire for more and never get contentment. When we love, we tend to have more demands and more expectations. We always have high expectations of our partners that sometimes lead to disappointments. We become jealous that is sometimes irrational. Our sanity will be lost when loving. We tend to be confused with our judgments. We let wrong become right and right be wrong. When we feel these negative emotions in us, we then tend to feel loved unfairly or emotionally abused that sometimes lead us to hurting the ones we love. We tend to hurt them by our actions or by what we say in situations we feel cheated by love.

Loving is not too complicated if it is inspired by love itself. Because if we love someone for other reasons of you having desires, lust or physical attractions, so don't expect the relationship will sail smoothly. Just as long as we love and not hurt them or make ourselves miserable then love is worth risking for.

Love should be handled with care because it may be just a strong emotion but it can be destructive.

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