Thursday, 21 July 2011

Desperate To Get Back The Ex?

If you are trying to get back the ex, there are a couple of surefire tips you can use to help getting your significant other back in your arms. These techniques will work, but you have to follow them in a step by step fashion. Don't waste your time trying these tips if you can't follow instructions or make a commitment. When it's time to get your ex back you need to get serious.

The biggest mistake for people trying to get back with ex girlfriends or boyfriends is that they get needy. You were dumped for a reason. If you think becoming an annoying, obnoxious, needy little pain in the butt is going to help you with getting your ex back you couldn't be more wrong.

The first step is to just relax. Seriously! How are you going to get your ex back if you are still worked up and crying? If you can't keep your head on straight, you're never going to get back with them. Take a break and sit down and relax. Chill out watching your favorite movie - and by that we don't mean the movie that both of you loved to watch together. Do something that is really just for you and get your head on straight.

After you have calmed down and are no longer terribly upset you can move on to step two. This may take a while and you may need to watch several movies or go out with your friends a few times. But after you are calm you can move on to step two. For most people this will be several days after the initial break up or the last time you had spoken to the ex. Step two is to contact your ex with the following message, "I'm glad we split up. I can see now why it wasn't working out for us and I am glad you are able to move on without me. I can't thank you enough for helping me see, clearly, that we were never meant to be. I have a few of your things I would like to give back to you."

It's best to leave this message on voice-mail or via Facebook. After they get the message they will contact you. Schedule a time for them to come over and get their "things." It doesn't matter if you really have any of their things or not. Make sure that when you schedule the time you tell them to plan on hanging around for a few minutes because you wanted to get a couple of other things out of the way before you part ways forever.

Now what all of this is doing is putting it into his or her mind that you are the one leaving the relationship. While they may pretend to feel relief, they will start to feel lonely and hurt. You are going to use this to your advantage when you get together.

When they come to pick up their things, make sure you have your favorite meal ready and your favorite movie or show playing on the television. Act surprised and say, "Oh, I forgot you were coming, I had just started making dinner for myself and was ready to eat. Sit down while we talk..."

Now it's up to you. You have the ex in the position where you can start getting him or her to remember all of the great things about your relationship. Ideally you finish this night with some intimate time together. If you want to get back the ex this is a surefire way to do it.

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