Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Coping With Breakup - Random Things to Do After

Romantic breakups are a bitter pill to swallow. After sharing your heart with someone, you suddenly find yourself alone and wondering what you did wrong. So you spend your days and nights crying your heart out. For days, you don't go outside your home. You don't take your friends' calls. In other words, you are one big mess.
This happens all the time, and it's perfectly normal that you go through such things. But after all the tears you've cried, the bottles of beer you downed and pints of ice cream you pigged out on, it's about time to get yourself out of bed and look at the mirror.
Yes, it isn't a pretty sight. But then again, you're still in the process of coping with the breakup. To speed up the healing, here are some random things that you can do to get your life back:
Make yourself scarce. Living together with your partner can make coping up harder to do. Schedule some time away to be by yourself. As much as your family and friends would welcome you in their homes, now is perhaps not the time for you to be confused with their well-meaning advice. Instead sort things out by yourself. Check in a hotel and cry your heart out. When you're ready, move out to a new home.
Start a journal or blog. This is a very constructive way of dealing with your emotions. Writing down your thoughts will help you sort out whatever issues you may have had with the relationship. Let the words flow without any inhibition, but if you do own a blog, it would be wise to keep some of the details of the breakup to yourself. Either way, you are doing yourself a favor by unburdening yourself of the pain.
Talk to your friends. Do this when you are ready. You don't have to force yourself to talk about your ex when you are still smarting from the pain. Listen to your friends' advice, but make decisions of your own too.
Treat yourself. Giving yourself a break from all the pain doesn't mean that you have to spend a lot. Though a little bit of retail therapy helps, it is still best to invest in something that you can use for a long time. Take classes. Learn a new skill. Improve your craft. These things will help you feel accomplished, making you forget even for a while about the breakup.
See the world. By physically removing yourself out of the breakup scenario, you give yourself the chance to heal completely. Travel to some exotic place. Learn the culture, language and cuisine of another country. Meet new people. Who knows, you might meet the right person for you during one of your travels.
Hit the gym. Endorphins are bliss hormones. Exercise does not only help in giving you a killer bod; it also puts you in a very good mood. When you feel great about yourself, you wouldn't want to wallow in misery. So exercise your way to good health and to happiness!
Change your routine.Couples establish their own routines during the course of their relationship. Whether it's the way you do the laundry or your pit stops at the coffee shop on the way to work, you have to change your routine to forget about your ex.
Though breakups are nasty, you will always find your way back to your old self. It's not an easy process, but coping with a breakup is possible.
Patricia Crain is actively learning about personality development especially in the forming of relationships. She enjoys giving advice on dating, breaking up and coping with a breakup.

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  1. nice entry.. i like dis
    'Though breakups are nasty, you will always find your way back to your old self. It's not an easy process, but coping with a breakup is possible. =D



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