Thursday, 21 July 2011

Ladies - Secret On How To Get A Guy To Kiss You!

If you like a guy and he seems to like you, you may wonder how to get a guy to kiss you. There are a variety of ways to make it obvious that you wouldn't mind being kissed.

Quick note, While you are kissing, always make sure you have breathe mints with you- always make sure you have a pack of your favorite breathe mint of bubble gum with you at all times nothing is worse than having bad breathe the first time or when you kiss the guy that you like on a date or at a party or wherever you are at the time of the kiss.

And here are the tips on how to get a guy to kiss you

1. Flirting is one of the ways you can help get a guy to kiss you. If he knows you are interested in him the more likely he will be to make that first move to kiss you. But make sure you aren't just teasing with your flirting, and this may not work if your guy has been burned by girls who flirted but were only teasing.

2. Touching his hands, by holding it, is another way to let a guy know you are interested. This simple act of taking his hand can send a very clear message that you are interested in him romantically which can boost his confidence enough to be brave enough to kiss you.

3. If your guy isn't getting your more subtle hints, you can also start talking about kissing. If you go this route, it's best to talk about kissing abstractly instead of just blurting out that you want him to kiss you. At least if you talk about kissing in general enough, it should sink in his mind. After a while, he may finally get the hint and kiss you.

4. If none of these tips work, you can take the first step and kiss him. This is a bold move and you may worry about rejection. But usually guys are a very receptive to girls who aren't afraid to take the first move. And if you go this route, you can be done with the waiting and you will know for sure how he feels about you.

How to get a guy to kiss you can be fairly easy if you try some of these tips. In the end, you may need to kiss him yourself in order to get that kiss you want.

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