Sunday, 24 July 2011

Knowing When He's in Love and Snaring Him With Lingerie

Picture the scene: you've been working on a guy for some time now. You really like him and think there's a future for the two of you. You're reading into any signs that are there - what he says, how often he contacts you, how much effort he puts into the dates or the way he dresses - and you think that he's falling for you. We've all had a man fall in love with us before and know the signals all too well. It makes you wonder if guys are aware of these beckons of longing.
Early Signs of Intent
Early on in a relationship, words can be really charged with meaning: when a guy uses words like 'take care' and 'I'm sorry' - especially when there's no real reason to use them - it's like he's saying 'I love you' and 'I miss you'. Also, when he holds eye contact for that second longer than necessary, he's looking into our eyes so it's as though he's speaking to us. (Then when he drops his gaze to our lips, we can't help but oblige and kiss him...) Touching unnecessarily and being interested in our opinions are another couple of common early signs that he's falling for you.
The next stage tends to be advising that we should read a book or listen to music that he likes. It's really flattering; it means he wants us to like the same things as him, that he thinks we have similar tastes and he also wants our opinion. Really, this is the ultimate in positive signs.
Lingerie: The Deal-clincher
So you've got him within your reach... what do you do to seal the deal? Well, as every girl knows, if we have a date for the following week, we'll spend the whole week preparing what to wear. The key here is to not forget about knock-out luxury lingerie - wear something that he'll simply never forget, choose it for him as well as for you. As we don't all wear matching underwear all the time (there's no excuse for it, but we just don't), make sure you plan your lingerie wardrobe as much as your clothes. No woman wants a man who isn't interested in luxury lingerie - where would be the fun in that? If you've got a great body then you should show it off and use it to the best for your abilities. After all, it can be the deal-clincher in the early stages of a relationship.
Imogen Croft is a copywriter and online marketer who loves her lingerie. Whether it's stockings and suspenders or bras and bridal lingerie, if it's luxury lingerie, she tries to make it her business to find out about it.

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