Sunday, 24 July 2011

How to Make Someone Fall in Love With You: Is It Possible?

You are an amazing, dynamic creature worthy of the best life has to offer, and to the degree that you believe that, people will fall for the 'real' you. Have you been hoping a certain someone will notice you or fall in love with you? Perhaps you've broken up with the person you feel was the love of your life, and you are hoping you can get back together with your ex, 'making' them see what they are missing and come back to you.

It can definitely hurt to be alone, whether we are pining for new or lost love. But herein lies a trick, as when we are pining we are NOT going to attract true, lasting love. We may attract rebound relationships based on mutual neediness or other dysfunction, but deeply satisfying, healthy love relationships can only be created between two happy, well-adjusted people. While we all play our certain roles, often unconsciously, within relationships, and in fact we tend to attract people who will help us fulfill those roles, we must make sure we approach the desire for a significant other from a healthy perspective.

The irony is that you will attract the 'right' partner for you when you are no longer pining or miserable or desperate. Looking to an ex for comfort or wishing they want you when they clearly do not is self-destructive. You deserve better, and deep inside you know that; you deserve someone who thinks you are wonderful and special and the best thing that ever happened to them, just as you are hoping that special person will be those things for you. We do not need another to 'complete' us, rather we need to feel complete and happy in order to attract another who is on the same wavelength, who will share and enjoy life's many experiences with us. When we attract from this level, having done the personal development and growth necessary to not 'need' anyone, we attract another healthy individual with whom we can connect on a soul level, and with whom we can grow further and enjoy the process in all its magic.

Some great advice when it comes to making someone fall in love with you is to work on becoming a person that YOU fall in love with. Stop dating for a while and give yourself a break. Learn about yourself, love yourself enough to invest the time and patience to make YOU happy. Do whatever it takes to become whole and balanced and excited about your life as an individual, whether you use therapy, various classes you may be interested in, reading, exercise, meditation, etc., and only then consider attracting a mate. At that point, when you feel wonderful and attractive and happy, you ARE the person to whom your 'perfect' mate will be attracted, and not until. Make a detailed list, then, of what you want in a partner, from looks to job to personality to core beliefs, and watch as the attraction begins, and you have learned how to 'make' someone fall in love with you!

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