Thursday, 21 July 2011

2 Amazing Ways to Discover True Love (And The UNUSUAL Secret To Finding Your Soulmate FAST)

Does true love leave clues? Can you really tell if a man is the "one" without asking, sounding desperate or embarrassing yourself for answers? And do we EACH have a soulmate, or spiritual partner we were born to meet, marry and discover authentic happiness with, or is that a fairy tale that only happens in books, or the movies and NOT in real life?
In this article we are going to take a quick, easy and UNUSUAL look at how you can tell if a man really loves you... but without having to do anything that clues him in that you REALLY want to know! Sound interesting? If so... continue reading as we take a closer look immediately below!
But BEFORE we begin... understand THIS to be true. (because it is)
As a love "empath" or emotional intuitive, I TRULY believe that we all have a spiritual partner that is interwoven into the fabric of our life story. I believe in (and have experienced) the beauty of a karmic connection that transcends lifetimes... and that brings together partners in AMAZING ways that you truly wouldn't believe unless you saw them up close!
So my advice, and my "advantage" so to speak, when helping women find a soulmate comes from a very different place, and a very unique perspective! (which I'll shed a little bit of light on below)
1 - His AURA tells the tale:
Believe it or not, LOVE emits an aura, or an energy that can be read, interpreted and understood by anyone sensitive enough to see it. And when a man is truly in love, his energy body will often say FAR more about how he feels about YOU, than his physical body will. (of course, in certain situations, you can tell from that, too;-) In other words, a man with a strong, rich vibrational aura is USUALLY in love with "someone"... and a good emotional empath can almost ALWAYS tell you with who! (especially if it's YOU!)
2 - The Karma of the Cosmos
Yes, I know that sounds hokey, but I truly believe that YOUR story is written well before you arrive. Each of us has a higher path, and a higher purpose... and our destiny lies in aligning our actions with a path of PASSION, and the karma of connection. When you DO this, by tapping into the wellspring of truth that already lives deep within your being (and in the fabric of the universe itself) you allow yourself to ACTUALIZE that ideal life you are here to enjoy... and that includes, in a very big way, the people and life partner you love!
The key to finding your soul mate? Open yourself up to the power and the potential of what's possible. Stop thinking in terms of what's realistic, or what sounds far fetched or impossible. The truth is, no matter WHAT you believe, if you open yourself up to the possibility that there is ONE person, one special soul who is waiting for YOU to arrive in his life... you will be amazed at how magical that connection truly is, when it happens almost by "accident" thereafter!
And I've seen it happen in my own life AND in the lives of those around me more times to count. (and I'm hoping, if you've read this far... and really crave finding YOUR true love, it happens for you as well!)
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You Deserve to Find True LOVE .....Today!

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