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Get Him and Keep Him - Top 3 Ways To Make Him Fall Madly In Love With You!

If someone were to tell you that captivating a man's interest was as easy as 1,2,3 - would you believe that?

Well, it is absolutely true and in just a few short moments you will know the very secrets that are required to not only make him do a double take as you walk into the room, but also to make him yours and only yours!

Although men can be quite complicated and hard to understand at times, the majority expect only three basic things out of their potential lifelong companion.

This article will share with you the must-know steps you need to take, in order to aid you on your quest at wrangling the man of your dreams.

No matter how out of your league you may deem the man you have your eye on, as long as the following traits are in check; any woman can have the man that she truly wants out of life.

1. Be Amazing!

This is a very broad statement because anyone can be amazing at just about anything. But to separate the people with the gift of true appeal in a man's eye, compared to the ones that he skims over, you must understand the power of positive aspiration.

To really catch his attention you need to stand out from the crowd and unravel yourself from your cocoon of fear and apprehension. You have a beautiful destiny before you and the willingness to make it happen if you only reach out to accept it.

Inside of you somewhere, you will find the courage to do things out of your comfort zone such as, to call and invite him on a fun date, perhaps to a theme park or movie theatre for a few examples. This will show him how comfortable and secure that you are with yourself.

If you cannot convey this to him then he will feel that he cannot provide you with that satisfaction either, and thus your attempts at making him yours will be futile. Make a real attempt to branch out and experience new things. It will not only brighten your life a little more, it will also bring you closer to the man you are interested in as well!

2. Be All That You Can Be

In order to have a true lifelong investment into one another there has to be some level of attraction. For a lot of men this requires that their women be young, beautiful and physically fit.

However, for quite a lot of others who aren't nearly as shallow, this simply means that they like their women to strive towards their full potential.

No matter what your age, size, color, ethnicity, religion, etc; - strive to become a beautiful individual both inside and out. It is never too late to begin living a healthy, happy lifestyle.

For example, say there are three women sitting on the same bench.

The one on the left is crouched over with her hands under her chin and her face as glum as can be, the one on the right is preoccupied with shaking her head at everyone that walks by and curling her lips at them, while the one in the middle is sitting comfortably with her eyes on the skies and a warm smile for any passersby.

Which one do you think is more likely to get noticed by the gentlemen across the street?

Surely they all would be looked over for a moment or two but the one that is sure to catch his eye the longest is the one who owns up to who she is and isn't afraid to show it. Moral of the story, have some confidence to not only look, feel and think sexy; but to really prove it to any and everyone as well!

3. Be True To Your Heart

This one is an absolute must because if you guard your heart to the ends of the earth then you will have nothing to fear. Realize your potential and what you want out of both your life and your potential man, and you will travel leaps and bounds in the direction of your dreams.

This way, if he does end up falling in love with you, he can take solace in the fact that you are who you say you are and that he is falling in love with an amazingly honest and sincere person.

If he does not love you in the end, you will know that you have tried everything you possibly could. If he does not accept you for who you are then he is not worth your time anyhow.

Either way, you will both enter and leave this journey of love with the comfort of knowing that everything you have done, said and been a part of, has been real. Then, when the time comes to make an important decision, your heart will be prepared to do what is necessary.

For as we all know, love hurts, but it can also be extremely rewarding.

The more we understand and prepare ourselves for this, the quicker we can get back into our heels and seek out the next potential suitor.

There are all kinds of variables to factor into the above three rules, sure. But if you take them for what they are worth they can be applied to women the world over who are struggling with their current love lives.

Men can be just as tricky and confusing to understand as women are, but with the right techniques and knowledge set in place before any action is taken, you could be years ahead of the other women whom have their eye on the same man.

Take action today to snag the man of your dreams before the other lady in his life has the chance too!

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