Saturday, 6 August 2011

You Show Him Interest, But He Ignores You - Is There Any Chance of Making A Relationship Work?

You really like him and with every fiber of your heart and body your single deepest longing is to be his girlfriend. But when you show him your interest in him he ignores you and you are getting frustrated and discouraged. You are now wondering if there are any chances of making a relationship with him work. Is it possible to turn his lack of interest into attraction and fascination with you? What can you do to fascinate him and get him interested in you?

1) Do your research and understand him. To get him interested you need to understand him and what it is that he likes and is interested in. You can discreetly observe him or casually ask about him from his friends or colleagues. The more information you have about him the better equipped you will be so that you know exactly who he is, his personality and his relationship status. You need to see him beyond how much you do like him so that you can interpret his lack of interest in you on the basis of knowledge. Is his apparent lack of interest in you just his inability to handle women effectively or is it because his personality makes him react in a way that appears uninterested or is he in a relationship with someone else or is he interested in another girl? If he is emotionally entangled with another girl then a relationship with him may not be possible right now and you may need to bid your time until his present emotional entanglements untangle.

2) Start at friendship. Making a relationship work with him requires that he notices you and all your great qualities and the surest way is to work at being his friend. Casually talk to him or his friends and build a relationship with him or his friends and let him get to know you as a friend. Do not rush the friendship but let it develop slowly and naturally. You want his interest in you or lack of it to be based on who you are and not on some preconceived notions that he may have. And be strategic in your friendship so that you ensure that you are a real friend who listens to him and spends time with him. If of course he has no interest in your friendship then there isn't much else you can do. The truth is that a relationship involves both of you and he MUST develop an interest with you and if he never does you may need to chalk that to life's experiences and move on. You cannot force anyone to like you; they either like you or they don't. But a good friendship often helps you both to 'see' each other better so that you know who it is that you are attracted to and he gets to know the great person that you are.

3) Ease up on the interest. Making a relationship work requires that you stop pursuing him as the more you chase the further he runs. Work on understanding him and being his friend and once those two things are done, then and only then can you let him see your romantic interest in him. And do it when you know that his attitude toward you has changed and he now appreciates you and sees the good things that you have. Observe him to know when the time to do this is right as you don't want to mess it up after all your hard work. Timing is everything as if you do it to soon he will bolt and if you take too long another girl might come along and steal his heart as you watch.

Making a relationship work with a man who is not interested in you requires that you are deliberate and strategic by following the 3 steps given.

However if you are still not sure that his opinion of you has changed then use these 15 signs of a man's interest to determine if he really does like you but if you just don't know how to attract him to you then use these attraction tidbits to guide you on what you can do.

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