Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Broken Heart Poetry

Broken heart poetry can help you to better cope with feeling of unrequited love. If you love someone who doesn't love you, or if you lost someone whom you love - there isn't a pain as agonizing as that. A broken heart is one of the most common causes of suicide - because many people are simply unable to stand the pain.

So it really is important to find ways to manage the emotional pain you are going through. Reading poems that express your feelings, and even writing them, can both help you to stay strong and not be overwhelmed by the intensity of it all.

Neuroscientists discovered that when we describe feelings with words, we can actually reduce their impact on us. One reason for that is that in order to describe feelings, we need to first recognize them clearly.

And in order to match an emotion with a feeling, you need to categorize and compare those different feelings and words with one another - a task that involves your prefrontal cortex.

There actually have been studies where people where hooked up to fMRIs when they were writing down how they felt. fMRIs are brain imaging machines, that essentially allow scientists to look at the activity that is happening in the brain of a person in real time. And they found that just through writing down feelings, those areas of the brain that are in charge of managing emotions became more active.

When the scientists surveys people who watched an emotionally upsetting movie, they separated them into two groups. One group would write down their feelings, the other wouldn't. Both groups would then be surveyed about their feelings. And the group that wrote down their feelings again were less impacted by the upsetting scenes they saw in the video clips.

That might be one of the reasons why broken heart poetry is so popular. Maybe people instinctively know that it can help them to better cope with the agony, to lessen their pain - and so they like to read it and write it.

It is a great idea to write poems too. But some people have a difficult time to come up with poems. And if that is a case, just reading lots of poetry can help to inspire you, and can give you ideas. Just keep a sheet of paper, or even better, a notebook, handy, and jot down ideas and words that come into your mind.

You will see that the simple exercise of writing broken heart poetry will help you to better cope with unrequited love.

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