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Loving a Woman - Can It Ever Be "Wrong" To Be In Love With a Woman?

When you read through a lot of the modern take on dating advice that is given out to men, you can easily walk away wondering if it is 'manly' to fall in love with a woman. So much of it seems to be focused on playing games, trying to get a woman into bed, and all that can make you kind of feel like it is "wrong" to fall in love and to want a real relationship.

Just because there is so much of that kind of advice going around, it does not mean that you have to become someone you are not. One of the major objections that I have seen men make about a lot of the more modern dating advice, especially when it deals with routines, is that it seems so fake. And I can totally understand that. There's nothing wrong at all with wanting the "real thing" or wanting to have a relationship instead of a bunch of flings.

That does not mean that you cannot still get some really good tips and pointers from pick up or dating advice. I mean, if you look at it this way, when you have the right skills to attract any woman you want... the chances that you DO find the right woman and fall in love will go way up, right?

It's all in how you use that advice.

I know some guys who take on advice about how to pick up women and all they want from it is to know how to get laid. At the same time, I have known guys who have learned the same skills, and the same strategies and found that they ended up with a woman they could totally commit to, the kind of woman that they could have a lasting relationship and a healthy sex life.

Besides, you really don't have to follow any routines or lines if that is not your thing. Just as many guys, if not more, do quite well without all of those tricks and those gimmicks. The real secret is not to learn how to use some routine, it's in learning how to communicate attraction with a woman so that she wants to date you, and eventually that can always turn to love if that is how things play out.

So, is it ever wrong to fall in love?

For the most part I would say no, not at all. The exception would be if you are in love with a woman who does not feel that way, and you have no clue on how to make her feel that way. In that case, then falling in love with her and staying with those feelings will actually do more harm to you than good. And then of course, there is also the obvious case of falling in love with a woman who is already with someone in a marriage or a relationship.

If you think about it, the ultimate pick up and seduction IS to make a woman feel like she has fallen for you and like she wants to have a committed relationship. That definitely takes more skill than putting on a game face for the night and having a fling, although there is also something to be said for those as well.

Most modern dating advice tends to take on that spin of being all about picking up women, and some of it is good and effective and some it is totally lame and ineffective. What matters most is that you learn what attracts a woman, how to make her feel certain emotions, and make her see you as the kind of guy she wants to be with.

When you can do that, then it REALLY is up to YOU where the whole thing goes.

And the best part about that is... most men will never have that option, that luxury to choose where the relationship goes. They are at the mercy and the whims of the woman, not themselves.

A major caveat to all of this is to try and not fall for the first woman you pick up or attract. That usually does not turn out the way that you would hope it would. But, overall, there really is nothing wrong with loving a woman and falling for her. As long as you are not in the usual position of just 'hoping' that she feels the same way and bending over backwards to try and persuade her to feel that way about you.

When you have the right skills you can discover how to pick up women for a fling or for a long term relationship, it is up to YOU...

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