Tuesday, 2 August 2011

How to Get a Guy to Confess He Is In Love With You

If a guy likes you, it may be obvious. But, getting him to admit that the is in love with you is a completely different story. Here's a little free relationship advice to help you out...

First of all, it would be a good idea to get him alone and spend some romantic time together. I do not suggest moving faster that you are comfortable with. You should not need to move fast to get him to confess is love for you. If a guy likes you, you can easily tell, but if he is truly in love with you, you will need to get him in the mood to want to tell you. Here are some reasons that he may not want to tell you how he feels...
Guys tend to not be as open about their feelings as women are.Fear of Rejection- A guy may not want to put his feeling out on the line for fear that you do not feel the same way.He may be waiting for you to say I love you...Be careful though, because if you say this, he may say it back in reaction and may not mean it!

The trick is to get him to admit that he loves you without directly asking him, or telling him you love him first. When you are alone with him, act increasingly loving toward him. How did you get him to like you in the first place? Use the things he likes about you to draw all of his attention toward you.

You can help him get over any fear of rejection by showing him how much you like him by hanging on him, and showing him that you like to be alone with him. He is going to be much more open toward you when you are alone.

Asking questions like, "Have you ever been in love with anyone?" or "Do you see us being together for ever?" can probe him to get some truths about how he feels about you. Look into his eyes, and get closer to him... As you connect, you should feel the passion between you... The look in his eyes should tell you if he's in love with you or if he just likes you for your body...

If he brings you to the point to where he want to go all the way, this is the place where you ask him, "Do you really love me?" or "Are you in love with me?" If he says yes, explain to him that you do not want to go all the way unless he really loves you... It is ultimately your choice if you are ready to go this far or not. Nobody can make this choice for you.

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