Sunday, 22 April 2012

You Can Reach For The Stars With A Long Distance Relationship

So your significant other took that job on the other side of the globe? Studies show 1 in 10 relationships are considered long distance. Don't fret; with all the different styles of communication, you'll be able to keep in touch with your loved one more as if they were still at home. By utilizing a few techniques to keep communication open, there will be nothing your love can't conquer.

• Set Your Foundation in Stone
If you both agree of continuing your relationship, you need to figure out the "style" of your relationship. Do you both agree that you're dating, married, seeing each other, "friends with benefits"? Once the boundaries are set in place, other questions like, "What do we want the outcome to be," or, "Do I see us lasting in the future," will be a lot easier to answer.
Make sure trust is established in the relationship and you have a strong foundation to build upon. Stay trusting and try your best to not get jealous over time spent socially with others. The more tremulous you feel your relationship is, the harder it will be to maintain it. You should never feel the need to question the people your lover associates with. If you ever feel distrustful of any actions, talk it out. If you go into a long distance relationship with someone you do not completely trust, it cannot develop and may unheedingly end badly.

• Always Be There
Don't forget the definition of a relationship: being available for your partner. Although you aren't in the same house, locale, or state; you will have to help your other half through tough times, and good. Make sure that you both have a generalized schedule of the other, so you know when they will be home.
Conquer the distance by visiting as often as possible. Make sure birthdays, anniversaries, and special holidays are spent together. They may not be the same day, but within the week of the event, spend it with your lover. If all else fails, give one other a small item as a momentum as a reminder they are being thought of. Handmade key chains or small everyday items work wonders for long distance relationships.

• Schedule "Play Dates"
Just as you aren't together doesn't mean you have to sacrifice activities you enjoy. Through the beauty of Skype and the Internet, you can always do something with your loved one. Free game sites, Interactive games, and DVR; you can keep up with your favorite drama or movies together, and continue to hold your high score in Scrabble.
The more effort that is made into keeping in touch, the stronger your relationship will grow. While you're at it, call/message more than once a day. For the little things in life, keep the other involved, they'll feel closer and build a stronger set of feelings for you when you include them in your life.

• Rest Assured
Stay confident, think good - not bad. Things can evolve and settle into routine, so enjoy the time you have together (and apart), and continue developing yourself. Stay in touch with friends and family, and don't wait by the phone or computer. Just because you're in a long distance relationship, doesn't mean you need to base your entire life around it.
For some, long distance relationships offer opportunities that traditional arrangements may not.
Take this time apart to work on goals, finish a novel, or build on something the other enjoys; like cooking or sewing.
Set little goals for one another, and work on accomplishing them, it will feel the both of you actively engaged in the relationship. Competition is never a bad thing. If you both are completely serious on making the long distance work, then everything will work out in good time.

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